Marco Stock


Marco Stock

My job at HeadlineAffairs in three words:

Often something new.

What I’m doing at HeadlineAffairs:

I get to know the entire spectrum of PR work.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

...to write the way the customer wants it – not yourself.

Capital sins of PR are…

...not having an overall concept.

In the past I thought…

...writing a PR-Text is easy.

Now I know...

...how much effort goes into even a short text.


Whether it's writing match reports for our local football team, creating poetry or stories: Writing texts has always been incredibly fun for me. The only problem: you can't earn any money with it. At least that's what I thought for a long time – until I finally came to the realization during my studies of politics and society: Corporate communications is a profession after all (and a pretty sought-after moreover). From then on, my direction was clear, and I am now in the process of turning my hobby into a profession.