Aleksandar-Sasa Stevelic

PR Consultant

Aleksandar-Sasa Stevelic

My job at HeadlineAffairs in three words:

Variety every day.

What I’m doing at HeadlineAffairs:

Research, media monitoring, writing texts and much more.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

…giving a good public image even in unfavorable initial situations.

Capital sins of PR are…

…negligence and inaccuracy.

In the past I thought…

…I would do something related to media.

Now I know...

…how complex and multi-layered corporate communication is.


As a passionate basketball player and fan of the sport, I know how important precision, team spirit and commitment are. If you want to be successful on the court, you must combine all these attributes. Even the most precise shooter cannot win if he does not involve his teammates in the action and is resting on the court. In fact, working in a PR agency makes the same demands. Without precise work, cohesion and the will to give your best, the game is already lost in the first quarter.