Become confident speaking: not only media interviews require detailed preparation – every interaction with a stakeholder requires a professionally controlled conversation – let’s call it competent negotiation.


Profound research and detailed preparation build the basis for realistic interview situations. In order to avoid the public statement becoming a space for public attack, we teach you conversational techniques for controlling the interview in every situation. We guarantee you razor-sharp training questions, ranging from specialized to public press. An interview is an opportunity to transmit a “story” to your target group. Eloquent spokespeople are needed for this. Realistic role plays – ranging from background to panel discussions – give your spokesmen the rhetorical and tactical know-how to master interview situations in a better way. The media trainings help you understand journalists’ needs as well as avoid journalists’ traps. You learn how to gain control over the interview and practice smooth conversation from the question to the key messages of your company. This way you get the best out of each interview situation – especially when it comes to sensitive topics and critical questions.

Our services include:

Topics and content of our media trainings:

  • Management communication
  • Stress tests for corporate communication
  • Conversational management and techniques
  • Professional interaction with journalists
  • Interview training
  • Bring statements to the point (radio & TV)
  • Your presence in the public eye
  • Crisis communication
  • Taking part in panel discussions
  • Competent appearance, rhetoric, storytelling

Trainings can also be carried out in a professional TV studio