“Communicate simply, think complicatedly – not the other way around!”

That’s the headline of our work. Since 2004, we have been supporting international corporations and medium-sized industrial companies as a full-service agency in all kinds of questions concerning internal and external communication. HeadlineAffairs helps you generate striking headlines – but also, if you unexpectedly become a subject of red headlines yourself.

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We continuously expand our services, because if you’re not moving with the times, the times will remove you. In our teams, practical project experience from longterm employees meets the knowledge of freshly qualified graduates. Lively interaction forms the basis for a functioning PR beyond short-term trends. A lasting effect instead of a brief homage to the spirit of the time.

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Be able to speak: Become confident speaking: not only media interviews require detailed preparation – every interaction with a stakeholder requires a professionally controlled conversation – let’s call it competent negotiation.

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CHINA in all seiner Widersprüchlichkeit

Ein animierter Nachrichtensprecher. Vermeintliche Fakten in Form von Fiktion. So etwas Verrücktes klingt gleich weniger verrückt, wenn wir lesen: es kommt aus China.
Noelia Aehnelt
Noelia Aehnelt

Noelia Aehnelt studied International Communication and Translation at the University of Hildesheim as well as Intercultural European Studies in the cities Madrid, Clermont-Ferrand and Regensburg. She gathered valuable practical experience through her internships in the online marketing section of a London e-commerce start-up, in the corporate communications department of a global company and working for the German Federal Foreign Office at UNESCO.

The Blair Witch Project: Brillante Idee oder leichtgläubiger Konsument

Wie oft hört man Eltern zu ihren Kindern sagen: “Das ist nur ein Film, das ist nicht echt.” Was aber, wenn die Darstellung so realistisch und die Kommunikation so glaubwürdig ist, dass der Konsument es für die Wirklichkeit hält?
Andrea Müller
Andrea Müller

Andrea Müller is trained in the field of marketing and communication and studied Public Relations at the University of Hanover. She has already gained professional experience while working for an advertising agency and in the PR department of an international technology company.

Narren und die Wahrheit

„Der Narr hält sich für weise, aber der Weise weiß, dass er ein Narr ist“, textete William Shakespeare dereinst und wirft ein Licht auf die Schattenwelt der Narren, Zweifler, Satiriker und Humoristen. Doch welche Expertise bringen Narren?
Jochen Leufen
Jochen Leufen

Jochen Leufen started his PR career as a consultant at the Munich PR agency wbpr, specialized in corporate communications. There, he had been responsible for clients from the industry sector as well as for associations for five years. In 1995 he went to the globally operating agency Ketchum, where he held the position of an “Associate Director”. He ran the department Corporate and Technology Practice until 2002 and established the areas of expertise media training, issue management and crisis communication. Stages of his career were amongst others:

: Campaign for the “Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg” (Foundation Initiative Reusable) (1992-1995)
: Campaign for the initiative “High Tech in Bayern” (High Tech in Bavaria) (1996-1997)
: European PR for the world congress for telematics in transport (1998)
: Launch of and press support for “Handelsblatt Interaktiv” (Handelsblatt Interaktive, i.e. a leading German business newspaper ) (1999-2000)
: Relaunch of and ongoing press support for Microsoft Network (1999-2001)
: PR for IBM in the context of global support (2001-2002)

A particular core area of his work is consulting for companies in crisis situations and doing crisis prevention as well as carrying out media trainings and crisis simulations for companies such as Amazon, Bulthaup, Deutsche Bergbau-Technik (German Mining Technology), Dow Chemical, Euvia Media, Expedia, Henkel AG, Hitachi Data Systems, Kikkoman, Legoland, Meggle, MSD (Merck Sharpe Dome), MTV, Navigation Technologies, SupplyOn AG, Viag Interkom, webmiles.

Before his career as a PR consultant Jochen Leufen worked, among others, at the FDP’s federal office during the electoral campaigns for the Bundestag in 1986 and 1989. During his studies in Administrative Sciences in Constance he focused on political communication and media effects research. He is author of the article “Investor Relations-Strategien in der New Economy” (Investor Relations Strategies in New Economy) in “Die Krise managen – F.A.Z. Institut 2002” (Managing the Crisis – F.A.Z. Institute 2002) and holds lectures on insolvency communication and online PR.

Wir suchen kommunikative Praktikanten (m/w/d), die bei uns die Theorie in die Praxis umsetzen können.

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Wir suchen kreative Trainees (m/w/d), die bereits über Erfahrung in Journalismus und PR verfügen.

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