“Communicate simply, think complicatedly – not the other way around!”

That’s the headline of our work. Since 2004, we have been supporting as PR agency in Munich international corporations and medium-sized industrial companies as a full-service agency in all kinds of questions concerning internal and external communication. HeadlineAffairs helps you generate striking headlines – but also, if you unexpectedly become a subject of red headlines yourself.

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We continuously expand our services, because if you’re not moving with the times, the times will remove you. In our teams, practical project experience from longterm employees meets the knowledge of freshly qualified graduates. Lively interaction forms the basis for a functioning PR beyond short-term trends. A lasting effect instead of a brief homage to the spirit of the time.

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Be able to speak: Become confident speaking: not only media interviews require detailed preparation – every interaction with a stakeholder requires a professionally controlled conversation – let’s call it competent negotiation.

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HA goes SEA: winners trip with Amazons Female Entrepreneurs of the Future 2019

For the third time, we supported the initiative Female Entrepreneurs of the Future 2019 (#UdZ2019) – an initiative created by the German Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Global Digital Women, BRIGITTE Academy and Amazon to support female entrepreneurs to digitize their companies and professionalize their business.
Lisa Prepsl
Lisa Prepsl

Lisa Prepsl studied Politics and Law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and at the Sorbonne in Paris. She gained practical experience while working for PR agencies in Hamburg and Starnberg focused on customers in the field of industry and financial services.

ChristmasAffairs – White Christmas instead of red headlines

As every year, this year's Christmas party had a - until then top secret - motto. We asked ourselves: What is a "brand"? In order to get to the bottom of this, we went on a journey to Da Me.
Carina Binder
Carina Binder

Carina Binder studied European Culture and Politics at the University of Constance and at the Fudan University in Shanghai. She gained practical experience while working in the European Parliament focused in the field of environment and agriculture.

Social Media Monitoring is colorful, diverse and a little scary

A seminar on social media monitoring sounds dry at first and - let's admit it - not really exciting. But after intensive training at the Akademie der Bayerischen Presse, I can say: Social Media Monitoring can be colorful, diverse and also a bit scary.
Sjauke-Kea Hale
Sjauke-Kea Hale

Sjauke studied journalism in Ansbach. She gained work experience through different projects during her studies and journalistic internships. In the end, she was convinced only by the internship in the public relations department of a research institute. She particularly liked the preparation for a conference, a trade fair and writing reports. In her spare time she is hiking in the mountains, having her nose in a book or meeting her friends. After graduating from high school she discovered the beauty of Ireland.