A successful combination of donations of time, money and goods: We were able to support Amazon with a Volunteering before Christmas

17.01.2024 | CustomerAffairs

Theresa steht auf einer Holzpalette und lehnt sich gegen blaue Plastikkisten. Sie lacht in die Kamera und trägt ein orangenes T-Shirt auf dem "Volunteer" zu lesen istAccording to a study published by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in 2021, one in five children in Germany is growing up in poverty that’s a total of 2.8 million children and young people under the age of 18. Especially at Christmas or other holidays in December, it is often not easy for these families to buy their children a present. However, when their friends at kindergarten or school receive presents, this is often particularly unfair for children from socially disadvantaged families. That's why our client Amazon has once again organized a Volunteering just in time for the holidays to bring a little joy to these children and young people. Amazon's CSR work is very diverse and, in addition to logistics and monetary donations, Amazon is also involved with donations in kind. The company also enables its employees to volunteer, including for this year's Christmas Volunteering for the Munich and Berlin food banks.

On November 30 and December 1, 2023, around 300 Amazon Volunteers lent a hand at the Munich office and helped to wrap around 4,000 gifts for socially disadvantaged children. Of course, a Christmas atmosphere with music and cookies was a must.

On December 8, some of the gifts were distributed by Amazon employees to the guests of the Munich Foodbank at the distribution station at Munich's wholesale market in wintry temperatures. Country Manager for Amazon Germany, Rocco Bräuniger, was also present. Additionally, the “citrus donation” was handed over. This is an annual donation from Amazon to the Munich food bank in winter, which uses the money to buy a large number of fresh citrus fruits and distribute them to the guests. This is because the immune system needs an extra boost of vitamin C at this time of year.

This Volunteering is a good example of how Amazon combines different types of support (logistics, donations in kind, money and time) to respond to the current needs of its partner organizations.

HeadlineAffairs supports Amazon in the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and in the internal and external communication around its CSR programs. We look forward to many more such meaningful campaigns with our long-standing client Amazon.

Theresa (rechts) und eine Amazon Mitarbeiterin unterstützen bei der Ausgabe der Spenden bei der Münchner Tafel. Theresa trägt über ihrer Winterjacke eine blaue Schürze mit der Aufschrift "Münchner Tafel" und lacht in die Kamera

Theresa (right) was on site at the Munich food bank when the donations were handed out