HeadlineAffairs & Heldenmood in the top 5 at the PR Report Awards

11.12.2023 | KnowledgeAffairs

After seven years at HeadlineAffairs, I keep asking myself which training courses will help me to develop and learn important new skills. But as luck would have it, this year we had a special opportunity to broaden our horizons. Our partner Heldenmood had submitted the podcast “Unternehmer:innen der Zukunft” (Entrepreneurs of the future), which we produced together with our client Amazon, to the PR Report Awards. In the podcast, entrepreneurs who sell their products on Amazon talk about their experiences. In over 70 episodes, they talk openly and unembellished about the hurdles they have faced, the new insights they have gained and how they have been able to grow with Amazon. Industry experts such as bevh representatives and Tijen Onaran also took part in the podcast.

When we found out that the podcast had made it into the top 5 in the “Podcasts & Co.” category, we packed our bags without further ado – navigated the rail strike – and headed for the capital. Even though we didn't leave Berlin as winners the following day, we didn't come away empty-handed either. In addition to the interesting discussions with industry representatives, we took away a lot of inspiration. We reflected on what form a communication channel can take when German Cancer Aid received their award for the Sun Warning Flag – a beach flag that warns of critical UV radiation. We were reminded how important relationships in other industries are for smart public relations work, e.g. in the technology industry, as the team from Laut gegen Nazis e.V. showed with their H.A.N.S. campaign – a WhatsApp bot that can be used to take action against offensive content on Spotify. And learned a lot more about the creative ideas of our industry colleagues.

Unfortunately, two colleagues from HeadlineAffairs were missing from the PR Awards, who helped shape the podcast but are currently devoting themselves to broadening their horizons while on parental leave. Thanks to Noelia and Lisa for their contribution to the nomination!

Auf dem Bild sind von links nach rechts Silke Goedereis von Amazon, Christian Bölling von Heldenmood und Ginny Sutter von HeadlineAffairs zu sehen. Sie sitzen an einem Tisch in einem Verleihungssaal und lachen in die Kamera.

Ginny Sutter (r.) witt Chistian Boelling from Heldenmood and Silke Goedereis from Amazon