Soft Skill Session in the Alpine Foreland

18.11.2019 | KnowledgeAffairs

Advisor Excellence. A powerful name - in the semantic sense, but also because of the four(!) E's - and official name of the tailor-made and meanwhile established workshop for junior consultants (mostly female) at HeadlineAffairs. So joy and expectation were great when we, the mentioned juniors, set off on a gloomy November morning for the 1.5-day training camp in Habach.

Together with Coach Corinna Broser and accompanied by guest listener and cat Luzi, we worked our way from a good to an excellent consultant, breaking new ground, working intensively on our skills and last but not least on our attitude and experienced one or the other change of perspective - always keeping in mind the area of tension between client, agency and consultant.

Vanessa, Katharina und Noelia mit Katze Luzi.Our consultants discover their expertise

In the stimulating discussion rounds, in which we practiced self-observation and analyzed perception techniques, personal appearance and critical faculties, it became clear again and again: an excellent consultant should, no must, have some skills. In addition to professional experience, social and (methodically) personal skills are at the top of the list.

After the first intensive training session, our heads were really smoking - a refreshing drink in the notorious village pub "Zum Trödler" (recommended to anyone visiting the idyllic village of Habach) helped. Here we could let the events and findings sink in and philosophize about the agency's everyday life.

The second day of the workshop demanded not less concentration, but more creativity: After a short introduction to the art of acting, we were allowed to demonstrate our talent in role plays we developed ourselves. The feedback rounds showed: The use of correct posture and appropriate tonality are essential in customer discussions - these too ultimately depend to a large extent on the inner attitude.

Noelia und Katharina im Rollenspiel.Vanessa und Noelia im Rollenspiel.

So we left in the afternoon with a well filled experience suitcase - in which there are still many secondary compartments waiting to be loaded.