Storytelling made easy – thanks to coincidence

18.12.2023 | CustomerAffairs

Im Vorderdrung des Bildes sieht man einen roten Kran von Wolffkran. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Krane des Unternehmens zu erkennen. Unten auf dem Boden sieht man eine Baustelle. Der Himmel ist wolkenlos

Eight cranes are erecting a new high-tech production site in Jena on behalf of Riedel Bau AG. No, you have not accidentally landed on the page of the Allgemeine Bauzeitung. When the cranes come from our long-standing customer Wolffkran, the high-tech site is being built for our latest customer Zeiss and the construction company also comes from my home town of Schweinfurt, then it suddenly becomes a PR story, albeit an unplanned one.

Networking, connecting, establishing and finding relationships - classic PR tasks that coincidence took over this time. Instead of spinning the threads ourselves, they have become intertwined here without our intervention. Sometimes the job can be so simple.

It's a completely different story on the construction site in question: perfect preparatory work, brainpower and precision are required when eight cranes have to be assembled and up to 25 trucks coordinated at the same time, the crane foundations have to be integrated into the building foundations and later removed again and a single crane has to lift precast concrete parts weighing up to 22 tons – but wait. That's another story, but it's just as worth reading as this blog post. Because that too, of course, comes from the pen of HeadlineAffairs.