Helena Woerner Hartmannsgruber


Helena Woerner Hartmannsgruber

My job at HeadlineAffairs in three words:

I am ready!

What I’m doing at HeadlineAffairs:

Getting a taste of reality.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

...turn the most boring news into a headline.

Capital sins of PR are…

...spreading untruths/fakenews.

In the past I thought…

...I have to do everything (alone).

Now I know...

...the importance of teamwork.


As an ethnologist, the way I have seen myself so far is more as a story gatherer - #ParticipatingObservation - than as a storyteller. But it is precisely because of this perspective that I have learned to listen carefully and develop a sense for the different (cultural) nuances. That's why I know that good stories are not only based on facts and figures (obviously), but that it's important to present them in a way that is adapted to the individual needs of the different people and thus can reach their hearts and minds. I am very happy to get to know the storyteller's perspective here at HA and to gather new experiences.