Jochen Leufen

Founder and CEO

Jochen Leufen

My job at HeadlineAffairs in three words:

I do something.

What I’m doing at HeadlineAffairs:

Development of maintenance of > corporate strategy and culture.
Development and maintenance of > business and personnel.
Development and maintenance of > existing and new customers.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

... when the work is enjoyable.
... inspiring talent for the challenges of the PR industry.
... courageous interviews at the beginning of a crisis.

Capital sins of PR are…

... lack of empathy.
... lack of curiosity.
... lack of preparation.

In the past I thought…

…I will become a journalist or a press officer.

Today I know…

…that I can be a mediator between these two professional groups.

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In German, there is a saying "Don't quack no opera!" That's a pity, because operas master the loud and the soft, the high and the low notes, plus plenty of drama. The texts in classical productions, on the other hand, could sometimes use a little fine-tuning, thinks Jochen Leufen. He writes here because writing is the ideal way for him to express himself in a lasting way. First you develop an image in your head, then you describe what you see, check whether pitch and message harmonize, and then you press the send button. Curtain. Hopefully applause from the audience. Or mild criticism.

More about Jochen Leufen's vita:

HeadlineAffairs was founded by Jochen Leufen in 2004. Prior to that, he had been employed by the global agency network Ketchum since 1995, most recently in the position of authorized signatory / associate jointly responsible for the management of the Munich office. As Practice Leader Corporate and Practice Leader Technology, he represented the German market in both business areas. In his capacity as Group Manager / Senior Vice President, he had direct personnel responsibility in both practices and was in charge of coordinating all customer projects. Jochen Leufen was also responsible for the development of new products and for the new business strategy, as well as for content-related questions concerning the use of digital media.

Jochen Leufen is an active media trainer and he coordinated the planning and implementation of all media training courses at Ketchum in Germany. One of his main areas of work at Ketchum was directly advising clients in the event of a crisis or developing and training preventive issue and crisis management tactics and measures. Due to his training and previous activities, he was also responsible for public affairs at Ketchum.

Jochen Leufen's consulting experience at Ketchum includes work for ADIG (Allgemeine Deutsche Investment Gesellschaft), AMS (American Management Systems), Bayern Online, the Bavarian State Chancellery, the Bavarian SPD, Dow Chemical, Henkel, High Tech in Bavaria (campaign), IBM, Legoland Deutschland, Navigation Technologies, Microsoft Network, the City of Munich, Vereinsbank, VIAG Interkom, the World Congress on Transport Telematics, and a number of Internet companies such as Expedia, Handelsblatt.Interaktiv, LetsBuyIt, and webmiles.

Before joining Ketchum, Jochen Leufen worked for five years as a PR consultant for the agency wbpr in Munich, primarily supporting association clients in the area of environmental protection & public affairs, but also the Boston Consulting Group or Lufthansa Cargo in matters relating to their repositioning. Prior to that, he worked for one year at the federal office of the F.D.P. in the context of a federal election in Bonn and worked for a member of the Bundestag during his studies.

Jochen Leufen holds a degree in administrative sciences from the University of Konstanz. He is married and father of three children.