Lucas Gros


Lucas Gros

My job at Headline Affairs in three words:

Writing, writing, writing.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

... good stories well told.

In the past I thought…

... of stories myself.

Now I know…

... the stories of others are also exciting.


A colleague once said that I came from "an old family of advertisers" and that "the letter had been put into my cradle". I think that sounds nice. And the best thing is: it is true. During my training as a marketing merchant, I wrote mails and overtime. During my studies, I wrote exams, even if you often only had to put a cross in the boxes - with 600 pages of dissertation, I later removed this gap. I also spent five years as a freelance journalist writing invoices for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Today I am indescribably happy to have found my place between PR, journalism, advertising and language design. There, I search for exciting stories every day to put them on paper.