PR agency anniversary in Munich: 15 years of Headlines without Affairs

12.07.2019 | OfficeAffairs

"Sometimes you have been writing e-mails to a person every day for months, but have never seen them. So it's nice when you can get to know them personally at such an event," says Sjauke, one of the three trainees in our PR team.

15th birthday of the Munich PR agency HeadlineAffairs on the Praterinsel

On July 04, 2019, branch colleagues with alumni, longtime friends and companions with clients and agency employees with family members of the founder celebrated the 15th anniversary and the success of our PR agency on the Praterinsel in the heart of Munich. The theme of the event was fact and fiction. Matching the theme, all employees and owner Jochen Leufen wrote a commemorative publication. With 15 individual perspectives, it is dedicated to the plurality of fact and fiction or truth and perception... As a small gift, each guest received a copy of the inspiring reading. Interested parties have the opportunity to request the book at info@headline-affairs.de.

Riddles about special events of the past 15 years

The rumour mill was bubbling with the 15-year HA quiz. The guests received questions and more or less plausible answers, the truth of which they were asked to discuss in small teams. Among them: "How did the name HeadlineAffairs come about", "Where hung the first HeadlineAffairs company sign" or "What is the agency mascot?"

Jochen Leufen was pleased to receive a special gift from his employees. For every year since the agency was founded, he received a fine wine - each bottle with an individual label. On each of them was a milestone of the Munich PR agency, which was jointly researched by internal and external employees.

When asked whether time had passed quickly, the founder said: "I suppose it's true that HeadlineAffairs is already 15 years old, at least it suits me and so it's probably true.

We don't have "Day One" at HeadlineAffairs anymore. Many things have become established and consolidated, but the future will certainly bring us plenty of new experiences, projects and developments. This year, for example, HeadlineAffairs took on three trainees at the same time for the first time and held a workshop to discuss the agency's internal values and standards. It is no coincidence that the final question in the HeadlineAffairs quiz was: What is the future of the PR agency? At this point, the quote and motto of goalkeeper legend Oliver Kahn: "Keep going, keep going!

Gruppenfoto von ein paar Gästen der Veranstaltung. Das Grüppchen steht in einem kleinen Kreis und unterhält sich.