Sjauke-Kea Hale

Junior PR Consultant

My job at HeadlineAffairs in three words:

Listen, think, realize.

What I’m doing at HeadlineAffairs:

Learning something new every day.

Crowning achievements of PR are…

... successful crisis preventions.

Capital sins of PR are…

... waiting that the bad disappears.

In the past I thought…

... I will become an air traffic controller.

Now I know...

... I'd rather be safe on the ground.


Sjauke studied journalism in Ansbach. She gained work experience through different projects during her studies and journalistic internships. In the end, she was convinced only by the internship in the public relations department of a research institute. She particularly liked the preparation for a conference, a trade fair and writing reports. In her spare time she is hiking in the mountains, having her nose in a book or meeting her friends. After graduating from high school she discovered the beauty of Ireland.