ChristmasAffairs – White Christmas instead of red headlines

23.12.2019 | OfficeAffairs

Everyone shows great joy when doing handicrafts."We are the enablers, we are the simplifiers" - These were Jochen Leufens opening words for this year's Christmas party. "Enablers" and "Simplifiers" is what our customers call us - "Enablers", "Simplifiers" - that is our brand.

As every year, this year's Christmas party had a - until then top secret - motto. We asked ourselves: What is a "brand"? In order to get to the bottom of this, we went on a journey to Da Me. The restaurant serves food from the Italian region Marken which is also the German word for brand.

The event began with a presentation by Dr. Frank Hafner, Director Marketing Communications at the European Patent Office. He described the path of an invention up to the patent and the protection of the brand. We were given insights into the requirements, rights and possibilities of granting a patent.

The self-made HeadlineAffairs house.Afterwards we were allowed to try ourselves as inventors: The handicraft and creation of our own brand was great fun! Everyone was allowed to present themselves with various handicraft utensils and place them within the self-built HeadlineAffairs office.

It's clear that the Christmas dinner was in line with the theme of the evening - delicacies from the Italian region Marken. In the cozy restaurant we met all external and freelance staff for dinner, chatting and reflection.

The evening was topped with Christmas presents, which make marking and identification easier for us in the future. It was a very successful evening.

In the restaurant Da Me all internal, external and freelance employees of HeadlineAffairs have eaten, talked and celebrated.Now HeadlineAffairs wishes you a merry and peaceful Christmas. We wish you a good start into the New Year and look forward to 2020, refreshed, with a new view and full of energy, and to tackling new, ambitious goals together.