Holiday Season at Amazon: Focus on small businesses

22.11.2021 | CustomerAffairs

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? At "Amazon & Kleine Unternehmen" you can buy products from small businesses and learn more about the people behind them. The gift finder also offers a wide selection.

Screenshot der Seite Amazon & Kleine Unternehmen. Auf der weihnachtlichen Grafik steht "Geschenkideen von kleinen Unternehmen".

Screenshot: amazon.de/kleineunternehmen

Amazon frequently puts small businesses in the spotlight - for example on International Women's Day or Prime Day. Also at Christmas, entrepreneurs share their stories and what Christmas means to them on an special landing page. In addition to the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, the selling partners also use the time to rest and get together with their families. Products from small businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be found here.

Once again, we supported Amazon with the communication and listened to the entrepreneurs. Of course, the Christmas spirit arrived: We sang the first Christmas carols in the office (to the delight of our colleagues) and started Christmas shopping. If only the Christmas tree was put up already...