Female entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories

08.03.2021 | CustomerAffairs

Screenshot der IWD Landingpage auf amazon.deOn International Women's Day, Amazon introduces successful female CEOs. We supported with the communication.

Women accounted for 36 percent of all founders in Germany in 2019, a decrease compared to previous years. All the more important to give successful female entrepreneurs a voice. On a special landing page created for International Women's Day, Amazon introduces successful female founders and products from women-led companies. Their stories were also shared via Amazon's own channels. With their careers, they inspire other women to take the risk and start their own businesses. Are there higher hurdles for women when starting an own business? Three successful female selling partners share their experiences on the Day One Blog.

Withouth question, the products of the selling partners from the Munich area are particularly exciting for us - e.g. Varia Living or Pumpkin Organics.

We supported Amazon with the communication around the International Women's Day and found out: Female entrepreneurs not only have exciting products, but also a lot to tell. It's worth listening.

Screenshot: amazon.de/internationalwomensday2021