Smart, smarter, the latest digital products – Headwind for traditional business models


[caption id="attachment_4410" align="alignleft" width="252"]HeadlineAffairs goes Augmented Reality: David Lovrić sieht die Welt durch eine Oculus Rift (Foto: MÜNCHNER KREIS). HeadlineAffairs goes augmented reality: David Lovrić looks through an Oculus Rift into the world. (photo: MÜNCHNER KREIS)[/caption] February 8, 2016 – Putting on Oculus Rift glasses, wearing a smart glove and disassembling a mini satellite – at the conference of the MÜNCHNER KREIS and the Heinz Nixdorf foundation the participants not only discussed how digital technology changes products but also could try the latest digital products out for themselves. Conception and design of products have to be reconsiedered. “Keep it up” hasn´t been the right way for established companies since long ago because start-ups as well as internet giants rough up the classical sectors and challenge traditional business models. The participants agreed that at least a Chief Digital Officer must be hired, but “self-cannibalization” by means of a spin-off company should be taken into consideration at best. This is the only way how companies in the industry, logistics, health and financial services sector are able to prevail over new competitors. HeadlineAffairs supported the MÜNCHNER KREIS in public relations matters around the event and dared to travel into augmented reality itself.

[caption id="attachment_4409" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Das Münchner Start-up ProGlove präsentierte seinen smarten Handschuh. (Foto: Stefan Pielow / MÜNCHNER KREIS) The Munich-based start-up ProGlove presents its smart glove. (photo: Stefan Pielow / MÜNCHNER KREIS). [/caption]