For successful PR: Don’t think PR. Think News!


December 02, 2016 – The perfect headline is 70 - 100 characters long, answers at least two key questions and immediately lets the reader know what the text is about – that’s what we learned at the beginning of the "news aktuell" event on Wednesday. For our daily PR work, we need the three key words mobile, social media and video. According to the ARD-ZDF online study 2016, the mobile access via smartphone is already the most frequent way of accessing the internet in Germany. The Reuters Digital News Report 2016 says that 51 percent of the interviewees use social media as a news source. Furthermore, statistics show that ots-messages with integrated videos get 310 percent more attention than simple text messages. "Your story has to be placed on the platform where the reader is active," said expert Marc Heumann, head of the ots division. Let’s go: Together with our stories we are off to seek out the mobile reader!