From Publishing to PR


Virginia_2013_198x240 November 02, 2016 - From an early age onwards I was interested in stories of all kind, especially how they are constructed and how they affect their recipients. Studying literature in the charming English town Durham allowed me to further these interests by examining novels, dramas and philosophical discourses. Upon completing my Master’s degree, I was ready to enter the working world full-time and put my freshly gained knowledge to work. At first, publishing appeared to be the ideal industry to make use of my studies, so I completed a work experience and a trainee in the publicity departments of two book publishers. However, I still had the ambition to work in an industry-spanning, international and dynamic environment. At Headline Affairs, I have now found a work place with a nice team and a positive atmosphere that aligns with my previous conceptions. Moving forward I can be excited about the upcoming months and the new challenges that await me in my role as Junior PR-Consultant.