Mission Survival – HeadlineAffairs challenged at explosive team event


ExitTheRoomApril 24, 2015 – Two teams, two rooms, one bomb, one crazy kidnapper, one hour of time: this is the dreadful scenario the HeadlineAffairs team had to face this week during the spectacular corporate event “Exit the Room”. While one group had 60 minutes to escape the captivity of an insane hostage-taker, the second group was tasked with nothing less than saving humanity by deactivating a ticking nuclear bomb. No easy tasks when the path to freedom and safety is blocked by tricky riddles to be solved, heavy locks to be opened and secret codes to be discovered. Needless to say that teamwork was the key to it all. While group “mind-boggling” managed to exit their panic room an easy eight minutes before the return of Mister X, group “The Bomb” typed in the saving code a nerve-wrecking 23 seconds before the big blast. Mission accomplished!