Founding a company: It´s not only about the right idea


Bild2_Brigitte Zypries und InitiatorenJune 20, 2016 – „That´s what we have always done“ is a sentence which should make potential founders prick up their ears because behind this sentence is almost always hidden a good business model. Lars Hinrichs, founder of Xing and entrepreneur, gave this good advice to the participants of the congress „Digitization Transforms – Founders’ Future in Germany“ organized by the MÜNCHNER KREIS on July 9th. Apart from the right idea the founder gene is of importance.: Only those, who show courage, are prepared to take risks and who are open-minded , will be successful. Brigitte Zypries, parliamentary secretary of the federal minister for economy and energy, invited the young entrepreneurs to take advantage of the funding opportunities in Germany, as support is not only offered by the Federal Republic but also by the federal states. Although the Technical University of Munich has around 800 spin-offs, its president Prof. Wolfgang A. Hermann pointed out two deficits that hinder entrepreneurship at universities: Universities should act more entrepreneurial and become venture capitalists themselves, but also have to defend their intellectual property in a better way. Those who are eager to found a company are welcome to turn to HeadlineAffairs with complete confidence since we attended the congress in Garching. And public relations for your start-up, we offer anyway.