Exciting insight into corporate communications at HeadlineAffairs – My internship in the heart of Munich


Rebecca Padberg September 10, 2015 – When I answer the question what I am studying, I always look into puzzled faces. The unknown subject I chose four semesters ago is called information management and corporate communications. The program offered by the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm is nearly unique in Germany. It stands out through its interdisciplinarity: The three fields IT, business studies and communications are part of the curriculum. I am most interested in corporate communications because the impact of communication, whether it is positive or negative, is fascinating. I am very happy to gain insights into processes and the different fields of modern corporate communications in the beautiful city of Munich, accompanied by a nice and open team. When the “dry” theory at university has already interested me that much, I can imagine how exciting it must be to put all that into practice. Now I look forward to a couple of interesting and eventful months, in which I have the opportunity to gain first practical experience in the field of public relations in the Bavarian capital.

Rebecca Padberg