Finally bauma again!

03.11.2022 | CustomerAffairs

The bauma. Like no other fair, it is part of the fixed repertoire of HeadlineAffairs. Since our founding, generations of employees have walked through the gates of the world's largest fair on behalf of our customer Wolffkran with their eyes turned upwards in amazement. For me it was already the third bauma at the end of October. Nevertheless, the fascination remains unbroken. I've been writing about the “red wolves” for years, but there's something sublime about standing in front of a crane and craning your neck to look up to the top. And no, I'm not a construction vehicle nerd. But the countless, dizzyingly high cranes, gigantic booths, and huge excavators, which – if you stand next to them – you can only reach up to the axle of the rear wheel, hardly leave any fair visitor cold. This year in particular, the need for presence and personal exchange at a genuine offline event was noticeable on every corner. Thus, the invited journalists flocked in large numbers to the traditional Wolffkran press event, which we co-organize every time. It was nice to finally get a taste of the fair again. We will be back in three years!

Attention risk of tripping: On the bauma open-air site, the gaze often wanders upwards.

Unless you're already at the top yourself. Like Sarah, who got a taste of bauma air at a height of 55 meters on a WOLFF crane.