Communication and Public Relations – Finding out what that really means


Passbild July 3, 2015 - As a 16-year-old girl I have considered many professions for my future life. Princess, dolphin-trainer and lawyer were my wishes when I was younger. But now, people expect a realistic answer when they ask about my plans for the future. So I started thinking about my qualities and what I could imagine doing for a living. Since I am very interested in the media and its influence on society, I started researching about it. But after multiple hours of reading magazines and randomly clicking through Google I was still clueless about the actual occupation of someone working in the PR-business.
The two-week internship that I had to do for school this year came as a perfect opportunity to find out what it really means to work in the communications business.
The last two weeks with the incredibly candid team of HeadlineAffairs offered me a perfect view into working as a PR-Consultant and I was able to see what the profession brings with it. I’m surely taking this experience with me in my further life. And maybe I’ll come back after my studies, who knows?

Jasmin Simao Ajayi