Trend towards dual course of study – visitor rush at Dualissimo


Messe Dualissimo_21.10.2015October 23, 2015 - “We need young people, who are really invested in their studies”, Bertram Brossardt, Managing Director of the Association of the Bavarian Economy vbw explained at the award ceremony of the student award Dualissimo on October 21, 2015 and thus established why the vwb and hochschule dual have decided to honor Bavaria’s best students on a dual course of study. After the award ceremony, Bertram Brossardt, State Secretary Georg Eisenreich and Prof. Dr. Robert F. Schmidt, Director of hochschule dual, were joined by award winner Helena Doblinger and Manfred Grundner, Managing Director of Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG, for a panel discussion on the dual course of study as a model. All participants emphasized that the dual course of study is not only becoming more popular, but also contributes to securing skilled personnel – for example through the internationalization of dual study programs.

That more and more young people are interested in dual courses of study became apparent at the exhibition of the same name that took place following the award ceremony and panel discussion. More than 1.000 pupils, parents and teachers from across Bavaria attended Dualissimo and were excited by the offer, because they were able to learn directly and exclusively about dual study courses, which is not possible at other exhibitions in the same targeted way. Exhibitors were equally happy about the opportunity to reach a tailored target group of interested people. For hochschule dual and for HeadlineAffairs – as press office for Dualissimo – the day was a big success.