Dual studies in Bavaria – HeadlineAffairs supports successful concept against lack of qualified personnel


Logo_n February 5, 2015 – Whether huge corporations or medium-sized businesses, more and more students and companies feel enthusiastic about dual studies due to their combination of practical and theoretical training. Especially for practically oriented courses of study such as the MINT courses (mathematics, informatics, natural and technical sciences) dual studying offers a chance for securing skilled personnel, according to acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften.
The trend of dual studies is also visible in Bavaria: Almost 6,300 students were registered in one of the 160 dually offered courses in the winter term 2014/15. More than 1,000 companies cooperate with the state-run Bavarian universities for applied sciences in the meantime. The initiative hochschule dual acts as an interface for the companies, prospective students and universities. This umbrella brand founded in 2006 by Hochschule Bayern e.V. supervises the whole dual courses offered by the Bavarian universities. To increase awareness for the brand “hochschule dual”, HeadlineAffairs supports the initiative’s PR from February onwards. Thereby, the focus will be on the event Dualissimo – the first fair dealing with dual studies throughout Bavaria.


photo: hochschule dual / Peter Schinzler.