Communicate technology – HeadlineAffairs composes a practice-based article for the pressesprecher magazine

29. November 2012

November 29th 2012 – The HeadlineAffairs team knows everything when it comes to technological communication. Since more than seven years we supervise the price of technical journalism PUNKT, which acatech – the German Academy of Science and Engineering awards every year. Based upon the years of experience, we will give hints and tips on successful technological communication in the upcoming edition of the pressesprecher magazine. How can I arouse curiosity for technical innovations? What needs to be taken into account when it comes to press releases focusing on technology? What characterizes the target group of Technical Journalism altogether? Those are only some questions we will get to the bottom of things. In the checklist of technological communication we will get to the heart of all the important topics concerning the communication in the technology industry.

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